An announcement you won't want to miss...

I'm excited. (That doesn't happen often.) Wait a bit, and I'll tell you why, but first some back story...

A few weeks ago, I was approached by fellow technical writer/blogger (and all around great guy) Arnold Burian. He said he was launching an online community for technical writers and was hoping I'd help out as a site admin.

"Heck yes," I said. Or something along those lines. He obviously knew I had a weak spot for such projects.

In a very short time, Arnold had thoroughly researched community platforms, domain names, and the obstacles we were likely to face in bringing people into the community. I offered what advice I could.

In the following days, I watched him bring Technical Writing World to life.

The result was an attractive community website with rich features and intelligent design. I was immediately impressed.

I logged in, created a profile, and started to get a feel for things. The site felt sticky, like a community should. It pulled me in. The site was filled with relevant content that would engage technical writers; in fact, I couldn't help thinking how great a hub it would make for people who wanted to stay in contact with fellow professionals and up to date on the latest news. But, most of all, it felt friendly enough to bring writers out of the void and make them feel at home.

We started to spread the news via Twitter and other channels. And here's the exciting part... people started showing up!

Our community grew... 10 members, 20, 30, 40... in just a matter of days.

And they didn't just show up; they added profile pictures, made friends, started discussions, and made themselves at home.

That's what I like most about Technical Writing World. I feel at home. I can let people know that I've had a hard day at work, ask them for feedback, or just share a laugh with fellow professionals in a casual environment.

It isn't about the website; it's about the people.

There's always room for another community of like-minded people getting to know each other.


If you haven't checked out Technical Writing World, give it a try. Create a profile, make some friends, and get involved. I think you'll quickly feel at home and want to come back.

And we'll all be there to welcome you.

-Craig (when you create your profile, send me a friend request)