Betrayal - Software is boring sometimes

Every now and then I get tired of software and want to write about something new.

Wow, I feel a bit guilty writing that, like I've betrayed a close friend or something. But it's true. I'm feeling a bit stifled lately, like I need to spread my wings.

I'd love to write about something tangible for a change. How to hit a line drive off the sweet spot of a Louisville Slugger, or exit a corner with enough speed to redline third gear.

"Documentation" is a big word. Bigger than just "F1".

2,600 years ago Taoist sages were writing documentation on philosophical matters. Cave paintings depict bison hunts that took place long before that. (I wonder when the first peanut butter and jelly sandwich was made. Did the chef chisel the instructions on a stone tablet that has yet to be found?)

The user manual is far older than the personal computer. There are so many things to explain that do not have system requirements, installation instructions, or bug reports.

Maybe I just need to "unplug" for a while and feel the sun on my face. Fishing would help; the whirring of line through an open-faced reel is poetry.

But all of this is temporary; the result of working long hours under the glow of fluorescent lights... staring at software.

I'll come full circle, eventually.

In time I'll stumble across a vintage computer with fake wood trim that will call out to me. My pulse will increase a bit as I turn it on and watch the monochrome glow of the operating system coming to life.

Then the command line will call out to me like a new world waiting to be explored. Once again, I'll be knee deep in software.

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